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October 1, 2014 -- Fall is time for raptor watching.  Chuck Tague captured this image of a Merlin last year at Viera Wetlands.  This small, very fast member of the falcon family (Falco columbarius) over fields and in open woods capturing small birds and insects in midair by flying in a level plane and finishing with an abrupt turn.  Females are larger than males.  Wings are short and pointed, always angular.  The bird appears very dark in overhead views.

Merlins have three separate populations which differ in overall color, reflected in the prominence of the dark "mustache," width of dark tail-bands and the color of the back.  Tiaga birds are widespread, wintering along both coasts of the US.  Prairie birds winter from Canada to Mexico in Central US, and the Black populations winters along the Pacific coast south or California, but rarely east to New Mexico.

Facts above gathered from The Sibley Guide to the Birds.

Share the beach w/nesting birds; tips from Nat'l Aud. How to remove fishing line from a hooked bird
For deeply embedded or swallowed hooks, or injuries to wings and legs call:
Marine Science Center(386) 304-5530, After Hours 386-561-0624

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Florida's Water & Land Legacy Amendment -- now classified as Amendment 1 -- will be on the ballot in November 2014.  If passed, 33% of the State's documentary stamp tax revenue (paid when real estate is sold) will be dedicated to land conservation, provide for outdoor recreation, managing existing lands and protection of lands critical to the water supply.  This is NOT a new tax, just an allocation of what is already being collected.  The amount of money collected by Amendment 1 from the existing stamp tax amounts to less than 1% of the State budget.  For more information, visit the official website by clicking on the link below.

Florida's Water and Land Legacy official website
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