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Audubon Adventures


Audubon Adventures is an environmental education program for children in grades 3 through 5. Developed by professional environmental educators, Audubon Adventures presents standards-based science content about birds, wildlife, and their habitats. The program is used by classroom teachers, informal educators, home school educators, after-school program coordinators, special education instructors, science specialists, camp program leaders, ESL teachers, and language arts teachers. With captivating hands-on activities, students learn that we all have a personal stake in the health of the environment and play an important role in its preservation and improvement.

Every year, Halifax River Audubon funds Audubon Adventures classroom kits for students in our area. The kits include 32 copies each of 3-4 newsletters issued per year, educator guides, suggestions for hands-on activities, student assessment questions and an answer guide and correlations to national language arts and science standards. We fully fund the program with generous donations from our members, filling in with monies from the general fund. A single classroom kit retails for $46. Consider supporting this popular program with a donation of any amount. Please check the Audubon Adventures box on the form to earmark your donation for classroom kits.

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For more information about specific programs, teacher's notes, quizzes and activities in the Audubon Adventure Program, check the following sites:

https://www.audubon.org/conservation/audubon-adventures    (History and scope of program)

http://www.audubonadventures.org/    (Support pages where the fun things are)


Comments from teachers in our area who used the kits in their classrooms this past year:

I just wanted to thank you for your Audubon Adventures kit! My students love reading about birds each year during our unit on living things. We learn about bird adaptations, food chains, and also revisit the characteristics of living things, including birds. Thank you for providing this resource for our students. We appreciate you!

My class absolutely loved the Audubon Adventures magazines. They eagerly read them with a partner in order to learn more about birds and bees. A project that they enjoyed participating in was to create a paper cube with their favorite learned facts listed on each side of the cube with an illustration. The students then shared their cubes and they were engaged in what each classmate felt was important. I look forward to getting next year's set of magazines. Thank you for the learning!

…The "Audubon Adventures" were a great resource in my class. We used them to learn the content, but they were also valuable for our reading standards. I used them with my class to identify text features, discuss fact and opinion, and create summaries. The engaging information, eye catching layout, and color print made these fun for my students. I appreciate the opportunity to use them Thank you.