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December 16, 2016 Merritt Island Field Trip

It was a perfect day for a field trip. Nine observers under the leadership of John Roessler headed to Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge seeking ducks and other winter specialties. 11 species were found in the impoundments. Good light offered spectacular views. Other surprises were an abundance of Wilson’s Snipe right at the entrance of Blackpoint Wildlife Drive. Some of the muddy areas were packed with the birds. A strange encounter at the Ducks Unlimited overlook trail took several members by surprise. John was the first down the trail and spotted a rat running across the dike. As others proceeded down the trail, the rat popped back out and ran across the trail again. It did this several more times and even paused to check out shoes. A little too friendly, maybe…


Unfortunately, no photographs were taken of the rat, but it is very likely a Brown Rat.


Click here for a list of the birds seen.

View From Blackpoint Drive
View From Blackpoint Drive

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