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Field Trips in Challenging Times Updated 2023

On The TrailIn the past, we have posted a full annual schedule at the  beginning of each season. Going forward, we will review our field trip schedule each month and evaluate what is working, and make corrections where necessary. To remain flexible, our schedule will reflect events 8 weeks out. As the season progresses, we will add field trips that will enable us to comply with the current recommendations for group activities. Information is available on this website, at Meetup and in our newsletter which con also be accessed on the website.

We will choose venues that provide ample opportunities for social distancing. For the longer trips, we will encourage that you prearrange rides with your trusted “COVID buddies” if you are concerned about exposure. We will not organize for carpools, though we may meet to caravan to a location. Each field trip may have unique meeting places and instructions. It is important that you check online for the most recent instructions. This year our trips will be listed on this website on the Calendar and on MeetUp.

Click here for all the information on field trips.

Please bring all the personal supplies that you think you will need for these trips. We emphasize that you carry hand sanitizer or wipes and a face mask in the car and along the trail. We might require face coverings when we cannot maintain a 6 foot buffer between members. You are responsible for providing you own protective items. Also, each driver sets the rules in their car.

A quick short list would include: Face Masks, Hand Sanitizer, Wipes, Sun Screen, Bug Spray, Proper Footwear for trail conditions, Hat, Long Sleeved Shirt. Binoculars, Bird References, Water and Snacks.