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For several years, Halifax River Audubon has partnered with the Ormond Beach Environmental Discovery center and conducted a fun event with games and prizes and guided walks and opportunities to get up close to birds in Central Park. 2021 presented challenges and the park event was canceled...but everyone was still encouraged to participate. The focus of the event has always been in its name - Backyard. HRA offered lots of suggestions on how to and offered help to the local community. The official count ran February 12 - 15, 2021.

HRA produced some videos on to introduce people to the event. We started with a how-to video introducing folks to eBird and the Merlin app. We talked about why we go out to watch birds We had a few videos that talked about what to expect while watching birds in Ormond Beach' Central Park. The EDC posted our videos to encourage participation on their sites. They publicized the event in the local community...and then we went out to count. 

Ormond Beach encouraged the community to participate: check out the article

The Ormond Beach Environmental Discovery Center on Facebook

Ormond Beach Official Site for EDC

Check out our videos and more

How to Participate in the GBBC*

Birding with David Hartgrove

Talking Birds and Audubon with Paula Wehr

Watching Birds: What's in it for me?

The Wrap Up Video

*The How-To Movie  - This is a short film that will talk about the bird count, show the apps that are used to enter data and identify birds and more. This was created for the Ormond Beach Environmental Discovery Center by Joan Tague. 

The official site sponsored by Audubon and The Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology Introduction to the apps needed to participate from anywhere. Easy applications for bird identification and logging your results.