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Welcome Great Backyard Bird Count Volunteer!

Below are some of the fact sheets that support our activities for the event. These will be available the respective booth on Saturday. If you want to get a sneak peek at the information and wish to study up - here you are.

The Field Notebook drives a lot of the activities. Individuals, adults, children, families can participate. We provide books and pencils at our booth and that starts the activity that is similar to a scavenger hunt. The goal is to earn stickers and see birds. When book is complete - you earn a duck! Remember to be flexible. There are no hard and fast rules for this game.

Stickers are earned by writing down bird facts, participating in a game, asking bird questions, doing a craft, going on a guided walk - just about any activity. We will have stickers to award.

Field Notebook Exercise to Earn DUCKS! Download File (gbbc-workbook-2020.pdf)

Egg Trivia and Facts Download File (eggtrivia.pdf)

Feather Facts and Trivia Download File (featherfacts.pdf)

Hummingbird Game Rules and Facts Download File (hummersgameandfacts.pdf)

Plants for Birds Download File (audubonplants-forbirds.pdf)

Key to Eggs in Shell GameDownload File (eggkey.pdf)

Recipe for Bird's Nest Soup (Yuck!) Download File (bird-s-nest-soup-recipe---food-com.pdf)