Halifax River Audubon
Halifax River Audubon A Florida Chapter of the National Audubon Society
Serving The Greater Daytona Beach Area

Lyonia Preserve

11/2/2023 at 8:00 AM to 12:00 AM

Event Description

The scrub on Lyonia Preserve is an imperiled Florida ecosystem that is found on high sandy ridges and is dominated by short oaks and other low vegetation, numerous open areas of white sand, and very few tall trees. Many of the plants and animals living in the scrub habitat are fully dependent upon these characteristics for their survival and success. This is especially true of the most fascinating resident, the Florida scrub jay. Three hiking trails (0.4 miles, 1.2 miles, and 2.4 miles) wind through the conservation land, starting behind the Deltona Regional Library and Lyonia Environmental Center. Along these trails, visitors may observe more than 164 species of plants and more than 124 species of animals. There is no shade in Lyonia Preserve. Trail conditions are soft, deep sand. Wear closed-toe shoes and bring a bottle of water. On a warm day the trails can be quite hot. Pack sunscreen and binoculars.

We will meet at the Deltona Public Library. We suggest that you carpool with a friend.

Deltona Public Library
2150 Eustace Avenue
Deltona FL