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Ravine Gardens State Park

10/31/2023 at 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Event Description

Ravine Gardens State Park is one of the nine New Deal-era state parks in Florida. The park has two ravines up to 120 feet deep with steep banks at 45-degree angles. Unlike common gullies, trenches or sinkholes caused by temporary flooding, the steephead ravines are a permanent feature with a spring-fed creek that never dries up, called Whitewater Branch. The underground water bubbling up cuts into the bank and carries the sand and soil downstream to the St. Johns River. Over thousands of years, the ravines have widened and deepened to what you see today. The dramatic landscape lends itself to birding. From the road, your view is into the treetops while along the trails you can find the birds that frequent the understory.

We will walk the trails and the road. The road is quite hilly and the ravine trails are challenging.  If you find that too strenuous, you can drive the road that encircles the top of the ravine. We will bird for several hours, then stop at a local restaurant on our way home.

You can meet us at the park at 8AM. Carpooling will be offered at Ormond Towne Square. 

Bring water, sunscreen, bug spray, binoculars and any gear that you need for a hike. 

Ormond Towne Square
1498 W Granada Blvd
Ormond Beach FL 32174