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The Birding Workshop

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In an effort to meet requests for bird watching instruction, we are instituting The Birding Workshop This web page will be your go to site for information about the class, including field trips. Presentations and class materials will be available here for review. Reference materials will be posted here and links to useful bird information on the web.



Topic: SEVAS Bird Class

The Zoom session is over but a recording is available:

Click here


Class Handouts

Steps to Bird ID PDF

Bird Orders of North America PDF

Passerine Families in Florida PDF

Central Florida Bird Checklist -  This checklist fits on 8 1/2 x 11 paper 4 pages. PDF

More Handouts FYI

HRA Birds of Central Florida -  This checklist fits on 8 1/2 x 14 paper, two-sided. PDF

Free E-book: Let’s Go Birding! From The American Birding Association

Bird Watching Basics from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission

Florida's Checklist of Birds from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission

Florida Ornithological Society - lots of good information - official state checklist of all species seen and confirmed in Florida 

Audubon On-Line Bird Guide - Load a species or family of birds to get all kinds of information

All About Birds - similar to above from the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology

eBird - Online Citizen Scientist Database of bird sightings. Good source of current bird distribution information