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Seawatch at Tom Renick County Park


Guide to Seawatch Data

(Harry’s comments)

The spreadsheet is now a series of separate entities. Sheet 1 is the main day by day spreadsheet. Sheet 4 is not in use yet. High Counts is just that it records the highest daily count for each species and the date that occurred. Additions identifies all the additions to the park list and the date they were first seen. Canaveral National Seashore is a spreadsheet covering the counts I did there in the 1990’s. Banded is a record of banded Red Knots that have been seen at the park. Five records or less is a record of the rarest species and the dates on which they were seen. C.B.C. is the Halifax River Audubon Societies Christmas Bird Count but ONLY SHOWING THE TOM RENICK COUNTS. Finally, the main spread sheet got so large that the earlier years have been separated off.

Click here to download the spreadsheet.

"High Counts" is a  condensed list of the species observed at this location and the highest day counts for each species. Very interesting!

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In addition to High Counts, another view of the observations at this location involves the annual Christmas Bird Count. Harry has manned this post for 12 years in the Daytona Beach Count Circle conducted through our chapter. Here is the summary of those counts.

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Now for a little wishing - Harry has compiled a list of birds never seen at this location, but potentially possible. Interested in the list?

Click Here For Possible additions to the List

A summaries of observations 2016 through 2022 has been compiled. It is available on the following link. 

Birds of Tom Renick Park Seawatch 2016 through 2022

Six annual reports for this location have been compiled, complete with text and illustrations.

Birds of Tom Renick Park Seawatch 2016

Birds of Tom Renick Park Seawatch 2017

Birds of Tom Renick Park Seawatch 2018

Birds of Tom Renick Park Seawatch 2019

Birds of Tom Renick Park Seawatch 2020

Birds of Tom Renick Park Seawatch 2021

Birds of Tom Renick Park Seawatch 2022

In addition to the spreadsheet, each Month Harry provides a newsletter with a short synopsis of his observations and comments on trends and unusual sightings.

Reports for 2024

Reports for 2023

Reports for 2022

Reports for 2021

Reports for 2020

Reports for 2019

Reports for 2018

Reports for 2017

Reports for 2016