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Seawatch at Tom Renick County Park


Guide to Seawatch Data

(Harry’s comments) The spreadsheet has had babies as there are now six sheets. The first just deals with this survey. The second lists all the species I have seen together with the highest daily count for each. The third is just for me it lists from January 1st the additions to the list. The fourth is important as it now details the 76 counts that I carried out at Canaveral National Sea Shore in the 1990’s (in the second spreadsheet I compare the highest counts from both sites). I am rooting for the left hand columns! The fifth is a notes box to detail things numbers cannot describe. The sixth sheet gives sightings for species seen five or less days.

Summary of observations 2016 through 2019 has been compiled. It is available on the following link. 

Birds of Tom Renick Park Seawatch 2016 through 2019

Four annual reports for this location have been compiled, complete with text and illustrations.

Birds of Tom Renick Park Seawatch 2016

Birds of Tom Renick Park Seawatch 2017

Birds of Tom Renick Park Seawatch 2018

Birds of Tom Renick Park Seawatch 2019

Birds of Tom Renick Park Seawatch 2020


Click here to download the spreadsheet.


The spreadsheet is 6 sheets deep.

Sheet 1 is the daily species count for all observation days. Below the daily tallies are the totals to date and a list of additional sitings - Mammals reptiles, etc. The first seven columns are the tallies from the HRA Christmas Bird Count. (FYI) Very interesting

Sheet 2 gives the highest daily count for every species. To the right are the 1990's sea watches at Canaveral National Seashore for a comparison.

Sheet 3 lists all the additional species added this year.

Sheet 4 is the spreadsheet for the Canaveral National Seashore

Sheet 5 is monthly commentary highlighting trends and unusual sitings.

Sheet 6 gives all the sightings for those species that I have seen on five or less dates.

In addition to the spreadsheet, each Month Harry provides a newsletter with a short synopsis of his observations and comments on trends and unusual sightings.

Reports for 2021

Seawatch January 2021

Seawatch February 2021

Seawatch March 2021

Seawatch April 2021

Seawatch May 2021

Seawatch June 2021

Seawatch July 2021

Seawatch August 2021

Seawatch September 2021

Reports for 2020

Seawatch January 2020

Seawatch February 2020 

Seawatch March 2020

Seawatch April 2020

Seawatch May 2020

Seawatch June 2020

Seawatch July 2020

Seawatch August 2020

Seawatch September 2020

Seawatch October 2020

Seawatch November 2020

Seawatch December 2020

Reports for 2019

Seawatch January 2019

Seawatch February 2019

Seawatch March 2019

Seawatch April 2019

Seawatch May 2019

Seawatch June 2019

Seawatch July 2019

Seawatch August 2019

Seawatch September 2019

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Reports for 2018

Seawatch January 2018

Seawatch February 2018

Seawatch March 2018

Seawatch April 2018

Seawatch May 2018

Seawatch July 2018

Seawatch August 2018

Seawatch September 2018

Seawatch October 2018

Seawatch November 2018

Seawatch December 2018


Reports for 2017


Reports for 2016

Seawatch January 2016
Seawatch February 2016
Seawatch March, 2016
Seawatch April 2016
Seawatch May 2016
Seawatch June 2016
Seawatch July 2016
Seawatch August 2016
Seawatch September 2016
Seawatch October 2016
Seawatch November 2016
Seawatch One December Weekend (Special Edition)
Seawatch December 2016